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RAYS The concept is racing.

RAYS wheels focus on bringing satisfaction to clients

RAYS wants to make sure that purchasing its wheels gives an even greater feeling of satisfaction than ever before. The key to achieving this goal is to ensure that the wheels are perfectly tailored to the individual's needs. Rays incorporates into its wheels technologies that have been made possible only by following its "Made in Japan" principle. Examples of this include the use of an elaborate finish and colors to enhance design quality and the company's special techniques for drawing out the brilliance of aluminum. The many intricate skills exhibited through the company's craftsmanship are another example of something that would never be possible without "Team Made in Japan," which is capable of producing multiple models in small lots.

In order to ensure that its wheels are well tailored to meet user needs, Rays does not rely on high-profile techniques alone. It refuses to cut corners, even in parts of the processes that would never come to the attention of outsiders. Examples of this include the company's commitment to manual surface preparation to ensure better color development and functional finishing work to further improve the performance of its already excellent wheels. Rays pays close attention to every part of its wheels, a characteristic that is symbolic of Japan's commitment to quality. This sense of high quality always gives a feeling of satisfaction.

Reaons behind RAYS wheels: Attention to Japanese quality